Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Bayram and National Holidays in Turkey 2014

We have two feasts (bayram) in Turkey, if you are planning a visit to Turkey please check the national holidays online and book ahead, otherwise you may have hard times looking for a place to stay in small villages like Behramkale, Assos.

Roughly here is 2014, at a glance... Please re-check other sites closer to your departure...
  • Wednesday          Jan 1           New Year's Day      
  • Wednesday          Apr 23        National Sovereignty and Children's Day                
  • Thursday              May 1         Labor and Solidarity Day    

  • Monday               May 19      Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day   

  • Sunday                Jul 27          Ramadan Feast     Monday              Jul 28         Ramadan Feast
  • Tuesday              Jul 29          Ramadan Feast      Wednesday         Jul 30        Ramadan Feast   

  • Saturday              Aug 30       Victory Day                      
  • Half Day Friday     Oct 3     Sacrifice Feast 
  • Saturday                Oct 4     Sacrifice Feast            
  • Sunday                  Oct 5     Sacrifice Feast            
  • Tuesday                Oct 6     Sacrifice Feast          
  • Wednesday           Oct 7     Sacrifice Feast       

  • Wednesday          Oct   29   Republic Day