Assos Alarga, is an alluring work of architecture that has accomplished its mission of serving as a house for our family for many years and finally, in respect to its history, instead of selling it, we decided to welcome guests and share our home.

The grounds of AssosAlarga is presumed to have been operated as a stone quarry in antiquity. It has met its last owner and newest architect Turgut Alton and its inspiring muse Prof. Tuvana Alton during the early 90's, after many months of excavation, lead by the deceased, famous archeologist Prof. Umit Serdaroglu, it has taken its final, signature apparition.

Assos, Behramkale is an archaeologically protected village of the first degree; unlike Ephesus, Troy or Pergamon, human habitation has been present within the ancient village of Assos for centuries. 

For booking in Assos, you have two options: either the ancient harbor or the ancient village. Both areas are under protection; meaning there are no new constructions allowed and any step you take on Assos ground is truly ancient.

All houses you see in Assos, Behramkale are centuries old. All hotels, pensions, guesthouses and houses in Assos are constructed with the local "andesite" stone. Only the renovation of the existing ones are allowed and there are strict  architectural regulations for conserving the old. A cultural and natural preservation board is on duty at all times.

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