Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2015 Wishes

Happy new year to everyone! Here is our card for 2015, made by Yusuf Tansu Ozel as always.
Please visit for his other marvelous works.

This year, we have more belief in Santa Claus than in our current president; and letting the goats run away literally meaning "kecileri kacirmak" in Turkish, says that we are going slightly mad... 

...and hereby in beloved memory of Freddie Mercury, we wish more awareness on STDs in 2015.

We hope there is more peace on earth for children, as the word "war" should be one of the last words to learn at the age of 5.

We wish that people stop buying hearts from petshops. Hearts are not for sale, they are out on the streets and in the shelters looking for other hearts to warm them. New year's eve is a time, probably when the most food is wasted globally; try to deliver the left-overs of your new year feasts to those who will eat not for joy but to stay alive.

Hopes and wishes are endless and we are not perfect but we can all try to be better.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Ancient Site Assos Behramkale

Excavations in Assos, Behramkale

Newly unearthed mosaic in Assos, Behramkale 2014
Photo courtesy of Prof. Nurettin Arslan.

Assos was the first site to be excavated by the Archaeological Institute of America as it was also the first archaeological excavation ever for Assos, between 1881-1883. 

The findings from these excavations were shared between the Ottoman Empire and the Archaeological Institute of America according to the contract signed between sides. Today you can see findings from Assos, at Canakkale Archaeological Museum, at Istanbul Archaeological Museum, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Paris Louvre and Metropolitan New York City.

The next official excavation in Assos was directed by the deceased archaeologist Prof. Umit Serdaroglu from 1981 until 2005. Aside from being an archaeologist Prof. Serdaroglu was also a graduate of architecture. He has initiated the restoration of the ancient amphitheater in Bodrum, founded restoration departments at Fine Arts Faculties in two different universities.

Since 2006, current excavations are directed by Prof. Nurettin Arslan from Canakkale 18 Mart University. Dr. Beate Böhlendorf -Arslan also participates in the excavations when she can find time from her own studies. Dr. Beate Böhlendorf is an academic historian; she has studied pre, early and mid history later concentrating on Byzantine history. She is currently teaching at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. Assos, living in the rocks, is a book written by the couple and you can find the book online and also can purchase it at the entrance of the temple of Athena in Behramkale, Assos.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Stuffed Mussels Midye Dolma

                         Mussels stuffed with spicy aromatic rice are called Midye Dolma in Turkish. It can be consumed in huge amounts and can become addictive! Raki and meze restaurants (Meyhane) would offer them but it is much more common to eat them from street vendors ! 

It is a  tasty accompany to raki and beer. The recipe calls for onions, blackpepper, cinammon, pine nuts, raisins, all spice; so a banquet of aromas. Mussels sound scary at some point but it is worth taking the risk, I've eaten them all my life, so far so good. So look out for midye dolma vendors in Istanbul, in Canakkale, Izmir, most Aeagean cities and villages including Assos will offer stuffed mussels, enjoy.