Sunday, 24 November 2013

Are they black olives or green olives?

  • All olives start as green olives, as they ripe they become black.
  • Olive collecting is traced as early as the 8th millenium BC.
  • Scientific researches mark the land of olives as Asia Minor, and the land between Turkey and Syria.
  • Treat them with respect, they are old; average life span is 300-400 years.
  • The oldest registered olive tree in Turkey is 1650 years old for now.
  • Harvesting of olives begin in November and last until March.
  • Raw/fresh olives from the trees are too bitter to be eaten.
  • Brining, water curing, dry curing are among the most common methods to make them palatable.
  • so the olives you have in assosalarga in summer are products of the passed winter and these below will be ready in about 10 days and will still be great to eat until the next harvest in 2014.
  • Like all over the Mediterranean land, also Assos is covered with olive trees, the nearest olive tree to us, is in our garden!