Friday, 28 August 2015

Assos Alarga driving directions

Our dear guests Pamela and David Smith have created a video for the road directions to Assos Alarga
thank you so much! Again a small hotel in Assos has big guests... Hope this will be useful to all our guests.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Music at AssosAlarga

Book now and play later... Thank you, to all our guests who have ever touched our hearts with their music.


Sunday, 23 August 2015

Ottoman Bridge in Assos

There is a fourteenth century Ottoman Bridge in Assos/Behramkale, remaining with all its splendor up to today. Parallel to it there's a new bridge. They are on the old way arriving from Ayvacik to Assos. This is a curvy romantic narrow road, passing through small villages, the last one Pasakoy offering great views of Assos.

At the end of this ride, one will reach the old bridge, before you cross the bridge there's a left turn, this is not a very inviting turn but once you take it, you will find your self parallel to the river running below. This is a sunset walk in Assos. This is when shepherds bring out their herds, this when you see turtles take a sunbath on rocks and look who else is enjoying the last rays of sun...